I’m the spark that lit your fire, sweetheart

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…They wouldn’t let me have “cheeky dickwaffle” 

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Imagine an organization called Homosexuality Speaks run entirely by straight people, many with gay children.

They discuss the harrowing epidemic of being gay, shouting “1 in 10!" to the sky as a dreadful cry.

They spend their days wondering how to eradicate such an “abnormal” and “inappropriate” condition.

"How sad, they’ll never be able to fit in to enjoy the traditional dating structure like everyone else!" they say.

They research what makes folks gay in the first place…but only to abort gay people and wipe out the condition.

In fact, they don’t even want to say “gay people.” They’re people with homosexuality. Emphasize the person first, they say! Don’t define them by their negative condition; look beyond that! After all, the folks at Homosexuality Speaks would love their children if only they were straight.

And they’re not alone in this anti-gay pro-extermination dogma. Dozens of huge corporations support and sponsor them. Terrified yet?

If Homosexuality Speaks would strike you as a hate group, you should feel the same way about Autism $peaks.

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there had to be slytherin students who didn’t go with the rest of the house and fought in the battle for hogwarts

kids who took off their ties so nobody could clock them, who blended in with the forces

kids who kept their ties on and realised it would be a lonely fight

kids who watched as the other houses recognised them, and stood in silent solidarity with them,

kids who hated slytherin house, but knew anyone who stayed was their ally

a group of school children are not a lost cause, are not rotten to the core, even if they’ve been raised on some poisonous shit. it’s a shame they were treated like they were irredeemable by the canon narrative

And then there also had to be the ones who evacuated with the younger students, looking over their shoulders in case of pursuit, wands in hand and hexes on their tongues.

Who counted heads and made sure, with the memory for faces and names that makes for a budding politician, that the youngest students were there - not only their own house, but the preteens in yellow and blue and red, too.

Who saw a third year about to sneak off to join the battle and stunned him and carried him out to safety, lying through their teeth - he fell and hit his head in the rush, someone make sure he’s ok - because tonight of all nights no one is going to buy that that attack was for the boy’s own good.

Who, when confronted with a girl in a red and gold scarf who is four months short of her seventeenth birthday and full of fire and steel, demanding why they’re here, why they’re hiding like cowards, why they aren’t fighting, could look down their nose at the bloodthirsty little fool and inform her that people will die tonight, good brave, loyal, intelligent people, but people will live tonight, too. And some of those people will be the generation of young students smuggled out of the castle, who we have seen get away safe, no thanks to your lust for battle. And some of those will be the veterans who limp away as the dust clears, and they will need succor - can you brew a bone knitting potion with the contents of your school bag over a tea light? Because I can. And the world will continue to turn and no matter how important the battle that is raging, the wizarding world is bigger than one castle and wizarding society is more than one institution.

Because cunning is not cowardice, and ambition is not a sin, and some day someone in this milling crowd of scared children will sit on the Wizengamot and someone will invent a startlingly effective magical treatment for a common illness and someone will create renowned works of art and it will, in part, be because I helped make sure they were safely clear of Hogwarts before the castle started falling down around our ears.

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FDTD cast visits the Shire

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Colin and Robert on set 9/23/14

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Amazing one-off characters of series 8 (thus far).

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You know what actually this part really pissed me off. Not that people stood behind Harry but because Pansy is being vilified for that totally legitimate action: Voldemort, the terror of their time, the dark wizard of all dark wizards, is going to spare their lives if he’s given this ONE KID. These are all children, she wants her life, she wants her friends to live, she doesn’t want war and fighting and death. She thinks sacrificing that one life is better than causing the deaths of all these other people, including herself. And everyone acts like this is a shameful decision and she’s a horrible person for thinking it, well fuck that. 

And then ALL the Slytherins get locked up in the dungeon as if they’re going to turn traitor on them, completely negating any sense of unity and friendship that the stupid hat was singing about a couple books back. Fuck this scene and the judgey people and couldn’t someone have looked at Pansy sympathetically and said the fighting wouldn’t end with that one sacrifice or that Voldemort was too far gone and too evil to be bargaining with and that this was worth fighting for? Couldn’t they have been given any sympathy or understanding at all?


Well we all know who else would be sent to the dungeon now don’t we

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Not All Monsters Do Monstrous Things.

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I’m probably never going to finish this.

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